Create, manage and grow a profitable in-house dental membership program

Did you know more than 30% of the Canadians such as: retiring baby boomers, students and independent contractors,  don’t have access to traditional dental insurance?


Offer customized and comprehensive subscription-based dental plans directly to your underinsured patients

Increase Revenue, Case Acceptance and Collections

Attract and convert new and emergency patients into lifelong patients

Create recurring revenue and enhance predictability of your practice

How it Works:

Design You Plan.

Design your own care plans or use one of our templates
Set your subscription price, fees, and discount rates

Enroll Your Patients.

Patients can enroll online on your website, at the front desk or from the comfort of their homes
Automated online payment processing makes it easy for patients to stay on top of their monthly payments

Manage & Grow Your Program.

Track revenue, performance, and care plan utilization
Edit and manage existing plans
Grow your program with our in-office marketing tools and online patient acquisition platform

Uninsured patients on a membership plan generate 2.1x more production. Stop offering one-off discounts and new patient promotions that do not create patient loyalty and instead create and grow your own membership plan today!

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